From the Etcetera Theatre (2007), to the Riverside Studios (2008) to the Pleasance Dome at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2008).

“I told him I wanted to expand my mind, to explore the far shores of my consciousness and to develop myself as a complete and unconditional sexual being. He said it sounded good to him.”

Marianne wants to sing. Mary wants to remember. Nena wants to forget. Rosemary wants a revolution. Joanna wants a baby. Barbara wants to say goodbye.

Six women meditate on the highs and ‘highs’ of being married to counter-culture revolutionary and psychedelic messiah Timothy Leary.


Etcetera Theatre, London: 20th November – 9th December 2007

Riverside Studios, London: 3rd – 26th June 2008

Pleasance Dome (King Dome), Edinburgh Festival Fringe: 31st July – 25th August 2008

Creative Team

The Cast, in order of wives
Hetty Abbott – Marianne; Lisa Came – Mary; Anna Brook – Nena; Kirsten Hazel Smith – Nena (Edinburgh); Charlotte Donachie – Rosemary; Katharine Bennett-Fox – Joanna; Alison Baker – Barbara; Rebecca Keatley – Barbara (Edinburgh)

The Creative Team
Timothy Hughes – Director; Katherine Webb – Designer; Sarah Gooda – Lighting Designer
Malik Abdurakhmanov – Sound Designer (Etcetera); Steve Rafter – Sound Designer (Riverside); Lauren McCarthy & Claire Wincott – Costume Assistants; Chloe Anderson – Make-up Artist; Julian Romanczuk – Set Construction; Ross Nicholson – Stage Manager; Louisa Fitzgerald – Assistant Director (Riverside)

Philip de Gouveia – Playwright
Is a policy researcher, journalist and recent graduate of the Royal Court 26+ Writers Programme. THE SIX WIVES OF TIMOTHY LEARY is his first play. His second play, ISFAHAN CALLING, is currently in development with Iso Productions.


Time Out Critics’ Choice

5 Stars ‘The finest ensemble piece you will see all year’ The Daily Mirror




‘be impressed’ The Independent

‘a cast of young women who act their socks off, make this a play that you should certainly turn on, tune in and drop out to’ London24

‘excellent new play’ Time Out Critics’ Choice

‘a remarkable first achievement’ The Stage

‘Subtle, classy and compelling; this is must see theatre…The finest ensemble piece you will see all year.’ Daily Mirror

‘…the real treat of the piece is the quality of the performances of the young actresses…superbly realised’

‘Philip de Gouveia’s excellent first play…stylishly directed by Timothy Hughes’

‘A truly unique, kaleidoscopic, theatrical experience; not to be missed’

‘…an arresting and impressive piece of theatre’

‘Philip de Gouveia’s play about the six wives of the controversial American pyschologist Timothy Leary, who died in 1996, is a remarkable first achievement’
The Stage

‘…Philip de Gouveia’s excellent new play…All in all, it’s an insightful piece of writing, and, in Timothy Hughes’ unfussy production, a gift to the actors, who are all excellent.’
Time Out Critics’ Choice

‘Philip de Gouveia has realised his own personal Leary more stylishy than anyone.’
John Higgs – I Have America Surrounded

‘With The Six Wives of Timothy Leary, he [de Gouveia] has dodged the dramatic bullet of lazily glorifying a counter-culture icon and instead crafted a work that deals with universal themes of love, loss, broken relationships and their aftermath.’
Camden New Journal