London Presence

At Conway Hall from 4th Oct to 4th Nov 2018

London Presence is an exhibition of photographs by participants from Grace Gelder’s photography workshops at Conway Hall.

Exploring different London neighbourhoods, their work maps the streets, people and vistas of London in unique and diverse ways.

The exhibition includes photographs from Muse, London Walking People and Places, and Lamb’s Conduit Street.

The exhibition also includes “What We See

What We See is a group show by people ages 8-18 who have attended Young Photographers London workshops within the last year. Led by Grace Gelder & Niaz Maleknia the young people are taken on street photography adventures as well as visiting parks and important cultural landmarks in London. The images  reflect the bold and experimental perspectives of a fabulous range of young people.

The process and exhibition was led by the photographer Grace Gelder.