12-30 July 2011 at Jack Studio Theatre, London.

In Lewis Hetherington’s raw and poetically play, four characters search to find out who they are and what is holding them here.


4 Stars ‘a confident, compelling and original piece of writing full of vividly drawn characters and it’s this that leaves the most abiding impression’ Exeunt

‘Lewis Hetherington’s play is quite raw but there is beauty in the simplicity of his text.  The poetry of Hetherington’s writing is most apparent in Joyce’s monologues. Timothy Stubbs Hughes’ production brings out the different facets of the play – the darkness and the humour’.  UK Theatre Net

‘Timothy Stubbs Hughes’s simple staging captures the pessimism and eventual hope sincerely’ Time Out

‘What sets Bodies Unfinished stand out are some well conceived set pieces with a flair for imagery and tone’ British Theatre Guide