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Theatre Practice and Ideology

Theatre Directing When I direct, I would work out the vision of the playwright or text with the actor(s) and creative company. I would assist the actor in seeking a separation from the character that they are playing so that they can be aware in the ...
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Gazing at Photographs

We look at that which attracts, excites, interests and provokes. It offers us a mirror of what we know or an escape from what we lack. It is a door, an invitation, into another world or place. It conforms, unsettles, confounds or develops our vision of ...
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Critical Analysis

In the mere act of transcribing world into picture, three dimensions into two, photographers necessarily manufacture the image they make. Artifice of one kind or another is therefore an inescapable part of photographic life. (Batchen 2002: 139) I feel ...
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Barthes and Authentic

According to Jean-Michel Rabate, Camera Lucida was “a moving autobiographical disclosure of his love for his mother under the guise of a study of photography.” (Rabate 1997: 3) For Barthes, a photograph contains “signs” within its frame that can be ...
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Human Choices

“Photographs bear witness to a human choice being exercised in a given situation. A photograph is a result of the photographer's decision that it is worth recording that this particular event or this particular object has been seen.” (Berger, ...