Within week 1, we were asked to choose images from our previously made images and revisit a place or moment.

Here is my moment.

Fig.1: Tim Stubbs Hughes 2020

It’s a combination of a photograph that someone took around 1973 in the back garden of our house, and is the house that my mother has lived in since, and which I grew up in. This photo probably dates before our posting to Singapore (my father was in the Army medical core).

The surrounding images, taken in 2019, while not an exact angle of the older photograph, do show the change in the garden and its growth over the last 40+ years. In fact, where the children are, you can no longer stand as this is now a bed for flowers.

While my project is not directly about the images of my childhood, it is about the memories and resonances that are evoked and instilled within you. Looking at this, as well as playing with the collage of current images surround this historical one, even in such as basic composition, add immediately a sense of different worlds clashing, bringing new associations and directions.

Something to explore further.