Over the next 3 weeks, heading towards submitting on the 17th of August, I will be focusing on answering a few questions that are beginning to surface about the work that I am producing.

Over the past 2 modules, work has been divided into two distinct areas. Firstly, the photographs of my past childhood and the memories that are contained within. Secondly, a play about a man that is waiting in the room of a dead writer.

My projects are converging and I am interested in examining this, both from the outside as an analytical exercise, and from within and what it means to me. I am reading about photography, its history, philosophy and concepts, about photographers and practice, and I am looking at the resonance and intention within my own practice.

For me, art is about expanding the vision of the individual or collective. It’s about giving illumination to unknown thoughts or concepts, of presenting ideas or theories for the viewer/reader/audience to experience and for it to leave a resonance within them. It is something that may not be immediately noticeable or apparent, but it nevertheless now exists within them.

Art can become lost and confused, it can become tied up in its own cleverness and be self-aware in its own aim. I am seeking clarity and to distil my intentions.

When working on a play, I am about paradox, irony, self-assessment and resonance of the playwright’s text and the actor’s actions. I have not, as yet, discovered how I approach my photographic practice.

Questions that I am having are: Why I am producing this work, what is the resonance within; and how do I feel when I look at my work?