Direction Forward

As I come to the end of the fourth module and consider where I am heading into the FMP, I feel it’s a good place to think about what I have taken on board so far, how I can reflect on the outcomes from this module and what I need to be focusing on for the future.

General Thoughts on the Next Stage

From the first module and “Remembrance of day dreams” to this module and “Self. I.” I have sought to develop and know what my photography practice is about, and where I am intending to head.

I feel that my practice is two-fold. The combination of writing and photography, which is underpinned by knowledge, experience and craft of theatre-making.

I see my practice developing in 2021 along these lines:

  • Towards both a performance of a play and the creation of a photographic book and/ gallery event
  • The focus of the photographic work will be on my childhood home and objects, combined with the concept of performance and presence within the photographic object

Me and Marketing

I understand Marketing and Promotion, having led a theatre company for over 12 years, and have been involved in the promotion of theatre production and the arts since 1997. I have both fundraised and handled PR Campaigns which require the identification and targeting of an audience (both general and specific) markets, and have guided others through the process.

This is all about finding my voice and particular take on how I can use my visual language to engage with those I want to promote to, from audiences to gallery owners. Through this module, and with the presentation of “Self. I.”, I think I have focused my understanding of where I want to head.

So my aim over Christmas, and through to January 2021 is to develop the following:

·      Ensure my own website is up to date

·      Focus on my LinkedIn Profile more as an artist rather than my business of website design

·      Begin to research journalists, editors, galleries, curators and decision-makers

·      Explore festivals and funding opportunities

·      Make an Arts Council of England application for R&D funding in January 2021

Overview of Pitch to Contrapol

We presented to Contrapol at the beginning of December. The presentation went well, and the general feedback was OK.

Overall, I felt it was a vague brief, and it resulted in a presentation that I feel was clutching at trying to be something it could not be.

In our email of questions to them, they asked for a complete “refresh of Shift 7” which I don’t think was clear in the original brief, and really was aimed at marketing or branding students.

I do understand the need to identify and be clear about what a brand is, and that the marketing message or marketing plan underpins all that an organisation/event is about, that is seeps into the dialogue, written text and visual imaginary.

In the end, the brief was too wide for us to cope with and while our images were interesting, it all fell a bit flat.


I think I have made a breakthrough over the last few weeks, in terms of what I have done, and where i want to head.

I need to up my game in terms of critical thinking and writing, but I feel that the direction of exploring presence and self-identity with my photographic work, and the communication of this to a wider audience will put me in a good position for the FMP going forward.