Master of Arts in Photography, Falmouth University, 2019-2021 | Pass (Merit)
A 2-year Online Programme, graduating in August 2021.
My Critical Research Journal for the MA can be found here:

Creative Practice: Personal Project, City Lit Arts, London, 2016-2017
A year-long exploration into personal practice and a specific project led by tutors Ian Tucknott, Simon English and Annie Attridge.

Master of Arts in Theatre Direction, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1994-1996
Two-year master of arts led by Nestor Jones, with a 3-month placement at Market Theatre in South Africa. Culminated with a professional production ‘Duck Hunting’ by Vampilov at the Man In Moon Theatre, London in 1996.

Diploma in Theatre (Acting), Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre, 1987-1990


Realities Constructed
6th-9th October 2021, Four Corners Gallery
A group exhibition featuring the work of 14 recent graduates of the MA in Photography from Falmouth University who graudated in August 2021 and are showcasing work from their Final Module Project.

Remembrance of Day-Dreams
Curated by Tim Stubbs Hughes
29th-31st July 2021, Jack Studio Theatre, London
An autobiographical exploration of self and identity by Tim Stubbs Hughes through photography and theatre practice. The installation featured photography, archival materials and an soundscape to explore the liminal space of Tim’s childhood bedroom and raise questions and observations of the dreams that were had in that room and the person he is today.

31st October-30th November 2019, Conway Hall, London
From February 2019, the group met each month to take part in a workshop on a specific topic of photography. Inspired by these sessions, work has been created that reflects and captures the area around Conway Hall. In addition, the group have been exploring their own personal projects over this time, and a selection of these images also forms part of Reflection.
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London Presence
4th October-4th November 2018, Conway Hall, London.
8 Photographers presenting various personal projects from around London, and a shared project about Lamb’s Conduit Street in Holborn, London.
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One Night Only
14th June 2017 at Asylum in Peckham, London.
The culmination of the City Lit Arts’ Creative Practice: Personal Project course, a prestigious one-year programme designed for practitioners wishing to develop and expand a personal area of interest and research with the aim of “building a body of art work.  One Night Only is an experimental group exhibition that reflects the individual concerns and interests of the artists involved. Nine artists come together to “take a moment to pause” in their practice and reflect on the work that has been created.
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Stages of Self
5th May 2017 – 30th June 2017 at Conway Hall, London
This exhibition presents the work of eight London based photographers, who came together at Conway Hall in February 2017 to explore the theme of the portrait: working across the directed photo-shoot, street and performance photography.
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Theatre Director and Producer

Hamlet, Our Brother by Julia Stubbs Hughes, adapted from Hamlet, Jack Studio Theatre, April 2016, 20 South Street
Summer by Julia Stubbs Hughes, adapted from Edith Wharton’s novella, Jack Studio Theatre, May 2012, 20 South Street & Grey Swan
Bodies Unfinished by Lewis Hetherington, Jack Studio Theatre, July 2011, Grey Swan
The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov, translated by Patrick Miles, White Bear Theatre, February 2011, Grey Swan
Girl Constantly F***ing Interrupted by Celia Peachey, Gilded Balloon/Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 2010, Provocateur Productions
Pebbles on the Beach by Joanne Pinto, Edinburgh Festival/Old Red Lion Theatre, August & November 2008, WHen..
The Six Wives of Timothy Leary Philip de Gouveia, Etcetera/Riverside Studios/Edinburgh Festival, November 2007, June & August 2008, WHen.
The Importance of Shoes by James Johnson, Edinburgh Festival, August 2007, WHen.
The Flats by Darren Murphy, Chelsea Theatre, April 2004, WHen./ Frontline
The Smashed Blue Hills by Dominic Francis, New End Theatre, February 2002, WHen.
Solace by Rhiannon Tise, Southwark Playhouse, December 1999, WHen.
Sara by Anton Chekhov, translated by Patrick Miles, Bridewell Theatre, February 1999, WHen.
Unlucky for Some by Paul Tucker, Southwark Playhouse, November 1997, WHen.
The Silent Time by Rhiannon Tise, Brockley Jack Theatre, June 1997, WHen.

Theatre Producer

The Army of Reason, Edinburgh Festival, August 2008, WHen.
Thin Toes, Pleasance Islington, February 2008, WHen.
Blue Funk, Old Red Lion Theatre, October 2007, WHen./ Shared Property
Remembering You like something I’d Forgotten, Grahamstown Festival, July 2007 & July 2008, WHen./, University of Pietermaritzburg
The B File, Etcetera Theatre, May 2007, WHen./ Kernawells
Fanny and Faggot, Finborough Theatre & Edinburgh Festival, January & August 2007, WHen./ Lifeboat/5065 Lift
Taking the Blood of Butterflies, Oval House Theatre, October 2006, WHen.
Valparaiso, Old Red Lion Theatre, April 2006, WHen.
Broken Voices, Tristan Bates Theatre, March 2005, New Company
Wilde Tales, Southwark Playhouse, March 2005, WHen./ Key Productions
Etta Jenks, Finborough Theatre, February 2005, WHen.
Scotch & Water / Ponies, The Hen & Chickens, August 2004, New Company
Judith Bloom, Southwark Playhouse, June 2004, WHen./ Frontline
Achidi J’s Final Hours, Finborough Theatre, May 2004, WHen./ Frontline
The Flats, Chelsea Theatre, April 2004, WHen./ Frontline
English Journeys, Edinburgh Festival, August 2003, WHen.

Additional Skills and Experience

Website Design (WordPress, Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver); Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop and Lightroom); Video Editing (Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier); Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, InDesign); Press and Marketing; PR; Arts Fundraising.


Timothy is an experienced producer, director, and theatre dramaturg. He has been involved with a number of theatre venues and companies from The Royal Court Young People’s Theatre and Soho Theatre.

Timothy originally trained as an actor and went onto study a Master of Arts in theatre direction at Goldsmiths College. Highlights have included working with the Russian director Genrietta Yanovskaya of the Moscow Theatre of Young Spectators, and a three-month placement at The Market Theatre in South Africa under the direction of Claire Stopford.

He has been involved in the creation of new work with a number of theatre venues and companies, including Soho Theatre, The Royal Court Young People’s Theatre, The Market Theatre in Johannesburg (placement), New Company, Lifeboat and WHen. with productions in London, Edinburgh, Europe and South Africa. Throughout 2009, he was working at the National Office of Arts Council England.

The artists he has worked with include: Playwrights – Jack Thorne, Philip de Gouveia, Joanna Pinto, Laura Stevens, Darren Murphy, Simon Vinnicombe, Steve Waters, Patrick Miles, Rhiannon Tise, Joy Wilkinson, Ali Taylor, George Gotts, Steve Hubbard, Peter Elkins, Amy Evans, Dominic Francis, Louise Buchler, Andy McQuade, Paul Tucker, James Johnson, Samantha Ellis and Fin Kennedy.

Directors and collaborators – Ché Walker, Gareth Machin, Rebecca Manson Jones, Julia Stubbs, Simon de Deney, Stephen Keyworth, Elizabeth Newman, Max Key, Luke Kernaghan and Jack McNamara.