This week we will be looking at creative collaboration and perspectives on authorship. We will be asking how we can use collaboration to strengthen our practice.

To begin the collaboration process week, I posted a quote from Eve Arnold

“I don’t see anybody as either ordinary or extraordinary. I see them simply as people in front of my lens.”

And an image of photographs from a photoshoot with the actor Bianca Beckles-Rose.

© Tim Stubbs Hughes (printed images of photoshoot with Bianca Beckles-Rose, shot on medium formation and 35mm)

I liked the quote from Eve Arnold’s because is seemed to imply that the relationship between the photographer and their subject (in portrait photography) was through the lens and not outside of this. Paul Clements from the course also directed me to the following link and exhibition UNRETOUCHED WOMEN: EVE ARNOLD, ABIGAIL HEYMAN & SUSAN MEISELAS.

The week then continued with a collaboration with Lauren Noris.

Tracing Light

The idea was to:

1) Share five images with the collaborator

2) Respond with text to their images

3) Share back the images and respond.

This was the result:

Collaboration between Lauren Norris and Tim Stubbs Hughes (All rights reserved).