I have been sourcing archival objects for the installation. Some I possessed myself, such as school report cards and writings from when I was 10-13 years old. Some I have found at my home in Fleet.

Objects below include. China Piggybank; Noddy Doll; Airfix model box (2021) but bought in the same Fleet Toy Shop in the Hugh Street that is still here and still the same (over 2 floors); myself as a 3-year-old; portraits of me aged between 8-15 years old; Letters sent home between the ages of 10-18 years old.

Fig. 1. Stubbs Hughes (2021). Archival objects

An Idea for Display

On a recent visit to Tate Modern, in one of the public spaces, there was this installation of archival objects. I think it works really well.

Fig. 2. Tate Morden Display (2021). Artist unknown.