Tim Stubbs Hughes is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice centres around the exploration of memory, consciousness, and the creation of personal narratives. His work utilises photography, performance, and text to delve into the psychological underpinnings of our experiences and the stories we tell ourselves.

Drawing on his background in acting and theatre directing, Stubbs Hughes creates immersive installations that aim to uncover the myriad meanings and resonances inherent in liminal spaces. Through a phenomenological approach, he examines the ways in which we relate to ourselves, our environment, and our history, with the goal of creating a unique and evocative presence within his work.

By exploring the formation of identity, the interplay between the internal and external worlds, and the poetic narratives that emerge from the clash of memory and consciousness, Stubbs Hughes invites viewers to engage with their own experiences and perceptions in new and profound ways. With a Chekhovian sense of intimacy and public presence, his work challenges us to re-examine our understanding of self and the world around us.